‘Hannah is the type of coach that will ask you the right questions and as a result the right answers will blossom from within you.’

Judy M, Communications Specialist

I attended a men in relationships group facilitated by Hannah and was impressed by her grounded and authentic energy. Hannah has an informed awareness of how to help you see challenges and obstacles that hinder your growth. Within a short period of time she created a space of warmth and acceptance that allowed each participant to express themselves and share openly. I highly recommend working with Hannah if you’re ready to change what hasn’t worked and embrace a new way forward.

Nikita DB, Front Desk Manager

Working with Hannah was so healing for me. Not only did I feel safe but I also felt like she truly held space for what I had to say. It was wonderful to have her on my healing journey and see myself open up during our sessions.

Jennae G, Senior Product Manager

My experience with Hannah during her Hot Topics group was eye-opening and beneficial. Hannah shared tips and tricks on how to approach common challenges in modern-day relationships. I found it helpful to hear what Hannah and other people in the group had to say. It was nice to be in a safe space, where we didn’t have to feel ashamed to express ourselves. Thank-you for having me Hannah.

Pam L, Chef

I had a great session with Hannah, she listened intently and offered insight where necessary. I loved the way she posed questions because they helped me draw my own conclusions. Hannah prompted me to self-reflect, shift my perspective and practice kindness towards myself. I would see Hannah again in a heartbeat.

Emma R, Hairstylist

Hannah brought a warm and calm energy to our sessions. She helped me to prioritize my needs and I felt consistent support through her follow-up emails in between our sessions. I loved working with Hannah because she guided me towards a kinder, more loving and nurturing relationship with myself. I can proudly say that I fully trust Hannah with any of my problems and she was a pleasure to work with.

Patrick SP, Manger of Corporate Services

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