Coaching is a collaborative process that can bring enlightenment to your current situation, equip you with the right tools and support you to move forward in an empowering way.

self-love Sessions (individual sessions)

Connect with your true self and discover your soul’s desires. Learn practical tools to help you identify your needs and cultivate the type of life you’ve been so deeply craving.

Self-love Sessions can support you with but are not limited to:

  • Belief work
  • Self-expression
  • Releasing judgment 
  • Identifying your needs
  • Re-parenting yourself
  • Identifying triggers and pain points
  • Self-nurturance
  • Discovering your soul’s desires
  • Self-acceptance
  • Self-understanding
  • Setting boundaries
  • Shifting your perspective
  • Becoming your own best friend
  • Unconditional self-love
  • Embracing your shadow

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Trance Meditation Session (Individual Session)

Connect with your subconscious through a one hour trance meditation that is personalized specifically to you and your needs. Trance meditation is similar to hypnotherapy, where you are guided in to a relaxed, receptive state, so that you can work with your subconscious to cultivate healing on a deeper level.

A Trance Meditation Session can support you with but is not limited to:

  • Inner child healing
  • Busting through self-limiting beliefs
  • Receiving guidance from your higher-self
  • Connecting with your intuition
  • Releasing addictive patterns
  • Self-actualization

You will also receive an audio recording of the Trance Meditation done during the session.

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a new spark to an old flame (couples sessions)

Connect with yourself and your partner on a deeper level. Learn to communicate more effectively, identify your needs and cultivate a supportive, loving partnership.

New Spark Sessions can support you with but are not limited to:

  • Effective communication
  • Identifying your role in your partnership
  • Releasing gender roles
  • Developing intimacy
  • Discovering your beliefs around romantic relationships
  • Identifying your values
  • Honouring your sexual fantasies
  • Establishing trust and security
  • Releasing past relationship baggage

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stronger together (group sessions)

Develop a deeper understanding of yourself, learn practical self-help tools and build healthy connections in a safe, inclusive group setting.

Group sessions can support you with but are not limited to:

  • Stress management
  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Sensual healing
  • Effective communication
  • Positive self-image

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Please indicate if you are part of an organization and would like to book a private group session for your clients or staff. Group sessions can be tailored to support your organization’s unique needs.

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